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Once upon a time (actually during his undergraduate years in the United States) a young Saudi fell in love with the Peruvian food. (Which is hardly surprising since Peruvian food tastes so good).

He studied the tastes and subtleties of flavors from Peruvians living in there. He also took a keen interest in Inca's and Peruvian culture. To his surprise he found a great similarity between Saudi and Peruvian culture in terms of cooking and family traditions .

Quite a few years passed since his return to Saudi Arabia where upon he busied himself with successful business ventures in advertising design and real estate.

But his love for Peruvian food had not left him. Both he and his wife now felt it time to share his love with his fellow Saudis.

Whereupon nearly four years ago he started doing research and testing of Inca recipes. Every week he would invite family and friends for a special tasting of traditional Peruvian dishes.

Every week the group would become bigger and bigger until the point where either had to find a bigger venue than his home or start turning people away.


Putting his entrepreneurial skills to the test he wanted to be able to bring Peruvian food to the Saudi public but in a way that everyone could enjoy at a reasonable price, rather than a specialized restaurant which only a small segment of the public would enjoy.

To do this it would have to be a way that would be able to Peruvian food is traditionally cooked either at home or in a small restaurant environment.

For the first time he and his wife decided to create a completely new concept for Peruvian take a traditional food and adapt it to a family restaurant environment.

The food concept would not only introduce people to a delicious and nutritious meals but and also make it also introduction to Peru, it’s culture and its people.

From his marketing and design experience he created a brand called Peruvi means Peruvian in Arabic.

Learned how to cook from a Peruvian famous in Peru learned how to make chicken prepared with spices and ingredients from an ancient Inca recipe. He also learnt alfa hour from a Peruvian lady he made it all in a fast food system but kept the quality high. He opened a restaurant specializing in chicken in Jeddah.